We aspire to ensure every day of your cancer journey is covered in every way possible

If you’ve just been diagnosed, in treatment or post-treatment, we can help you and your support network help you best.
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There is a lot that you and your loved ones need when you hear the words “you have cancer”.  In Kind provides local resources, the ability for your community to help you in exactly the ways you need, curated information, and tips from people going through the same journey.  Most importantly, we understand that the work continues even when treatment stops.

Wellness Programs

After cancer, In Kind stays with you - supporting you with the best information on post cancer diet, exercise, getting back to work, mental health and much more. Because you’ve got a lot of living to do.

Insightful Tips

Exchange tips, share doctor referrals or lend an ear; a place that has reviews of Cancer related products - because no one needs five wigs but everyone needs perfect Chemo socks.

Strength in numbers

Friends, family, neighbors, and your community are ready and willing to help. Help is a click away. Focus on your wellness while your inKind network gets it done.

Resourceful Resources

A wealth of resources to enable you to find advice and assistance within your community and beyond, from survivors, doctors, experts and wellness specialists.

How We Work

Chances are after diagnosis the phone calls and texts asking “how can I help?”, begin. It can be overwhelming during a time that is already overwhelming. In Kind aspires to organize that kindness and keep it organized to ensure every day is covered in every way possible.

How We Work

Create a Community

Assign a Rock - that person who is there for the duration of treatment and beyond, send invitations to friends and family, create a list of “to-do’s” - and help is a click away.

Browse our Resources

Access to our personalized library for all to research or find advice as well as localized suggestions. for things like “who delivers to this infusion center” to “foot rub, Brooklyn” - if that’s more your thing.

Focus on what matters

Take time for things that matter to you from healing, wellness, rest. Learn from your peers, fix those joint pains, bake a cake or just sit back and relax to a great playlist.

Join us in transforming the cancer journey from a clinical experience to a human one.

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