About In Kind 

There is a lot that you and your loved ones need when you hear the words “you have cancer”. In Kind provides local resources, the ability for your community to help you in exactly the ways you need, curated information, and tips from people going through the same journey. Most importantly, we understand that the work continues even when treatment stops.

What is In Kind?

In Kind is an unique place that provides people with cancer and their support networks, at every treatment phase, all of their wellness and lifestyle needs.

Cancer Individual

Activate your communities; access usable relevant information; navigate national/local resources and discover important tips developed by survivors, caregivers, & experts.

The Crew

Receives access to a personalized calendar that allows them to help in an impactful way that fits their schedule, as well as insightful recommendations on the various types of support they can provide.

In Kind empowers people by ensuring that any one individual dealing with the challenges of cancer can manage their journey on their terms with their network—or find a network of support through our online localized communities.

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