Happy Day to all the mothers who are either in treatment or advocating for their daughters or friends, or who, like me, are post-treatment survivors. Whatever stage you’re in, at InKindSpace we believe that every day is our day to celebrate motherhood and the special bonds that connect us to each other and our families.

I’ve been so very fortunate to have been surrounded by fantastic women throughout my life. From my mother and aunt to their fabulous friends and my own mom squad that has inspired me and helped me realize my dream of InKindSpace, I say “Thank You” and “love you.”

For my Mother’s Day, my twin tween girls have promised not to call me “Mommy-forget-me-not” (a name I acquired as a result of chemo-brain and the oh-so-special menopause that many survivors like me experience), take me to a movie of my choice and spend the rest of the day making a big family dinner together.  I hope your day is equally special and splendid, filled with love and laughter.

So, to all of us going through this life-changing event that is breast cancer, let’s raise a glass (of tequila - most natural alcohol out there—if you’re drinking alcohol or of a sparkling seltzer if you’re not) to our mothers, children, friends, advocates and also to ourselves. Let’s enjoy our EXTRAORDINARY lives.

xx, Melissa

Tori Pisco