One Thing You Need To Simplify Your Life

Living with cancer is no ‘average morning routine.’ You’ll need to remember a lot more than your multivitamin and biotin to get through the day. It’s likely your treatment plan will include daily medications and it is crucial you stick to the exact dosages and never miss a beat to ensure the cancer medication is effective. Trust me, I have been there… on that morning run or just walking the kids to school thinking “Did I take them or didn’t I?” Managing medications takes time and attention – two things we are all short for these days. So, consider this set of tips to help you #LiveBetter:

  1. This one’s simple, but so effective. A pill organizer! You may have seen simple, single-row pill organizers marked for each day. But did you know there are more expanded versions, broken down by time of day? This is what you need!

    Check out our recommendations and see if one is right for you based on your treatment plan.

  2. Designate a med-buddy. Choose someone you trust to be attentive, timely, and organized. Ask this person to come over once a week to help you set up your medications for the following days. Chances are, you have a friend or loved one who wants to see you and check in on you anyways, so this gives you both a chance to commit to a weekly meet-up. You might also give this person access to your medical team’s chat-line to communicate on your behalf when either of you have questions or concerns about your treatment.

  3. Keep a med-journal. Write down what you’re taking and how it makes you feel. Take note of effects like mood, appetite, lethargy, aches, nausea, and sensations such as tingling-fingers or itchy eyes/nose/mouth. There will be some days when you don’t have much to report, but as your medications are altered throughout treatment, you will appreciate how much your notes help you manage your expectations. Your doctors will appreciate the reports, too. Bring your med-journal to your appointments.


All of these tips are designed to help you fight the inevitable ‘chemo brain' that is to come. Even if you are not undergoing chemotherapy, you’re still likely to feel the effects of tiredness, confusion, forgetfulness – all of these things will make it more difficult to manage the day-to-day, so do yourself a favor and buy a pill organizer.

Tori Pisco