Tips For Smoother Back-To-School Mornings

Being a mother is one thing, and now we’re adding cancer to the mix? Aye yai yai! Getting used to your new morning routine is an adjustment for sure. But, there are things you can do to help make your family’s AM a little less ‘busy.’ Our dear friend and wellness advisor, Katia, shares her tips for smoother mornings with the kiddos…

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Katia Herman, Wellness Coach at
JOYSPACE by katia, InKind Space Advisory Board Member


Mornings in my home have fluctuated over the years from being hellish, to relatively smooth, to somewhere in between. There’s 4 boys in and out of my home of varying ages, and lets just say the years when there was a tiny toddler, a pre teen, and two scrappy 7 and 8 year olds all going to different schools (one of them mama school) were not years I am super proud of in terms of getting out the door with ease!

Around 4 years ago when my smallest was 3 I decided I would work hard and make some real, not-so-easy, changes with the goal in mind to change these crazy mornings so my family could start our day off with a bit more calm and a bit less crazy. Don’t get me wrong this is still (and always will be) a work in progress!

Here are a few practical tips, some not so easy to implement, that have resulted in real change in the morning routine that perhaps you could benefit from trying:

*Excerpt from original blog by JOYSPACE by katia

Tori Pisco