How We Work

Chances are after diagnosis the phone calls and texts asking “how can I help?”, begin.
It can be overwhelming during a time that is already overwhelming.
We make this time easy for you and your community.

Assign a Rock and create to-do lists

First step is assigning a Rock - that person who you know is there for the duration of treatment and beyond. With the help of the Rock a list of “to-do’s” is created - this can be anything typical (dinners, transport) or unique to your Crew (create a playlist, knit a scarf).

Build Your Crew

Send invitations to your friends, family, neighbors etc so they can start helping immediately. You can segment your Crew into areas of appropriate task if needed, to insure the right people are covering the most comfortable to-do. Like, it would be weird if your mailman signed up for Chemo company - that kind of thing.

Focus on what matters

While everyone is busy helping and supporting - their loved one can focus on what matters - healing, wellness, rest. If they have children, they are cared for, too. And so are their partners. Because we know they need kindness and support, too.

Browse our resourceful resources

During and beyond treatment, the In Kind calendar is filled and buzzing - a wealth of knowledge lives in the In Kind library for all to access for research or logistics advice as well as localized suggestions for things like “who delivers to this infusion center” to “foot rub, Brooklyn” or “the best bagel by your chemo”, the moon cycle for the week - if that’s more your thing.

Access our wellness programs

Whether in treatment, post-treatment and beyond you want to know how to live better.  Our programs take you on this journey - it could be learning about a plant based diet, access to a 21 day reboot -  if that is your thing, or learning how to get rid of those joint pains or how do I train for that half marathon.  We are here for you to get you back to you.

Join us in transforming the cancer journey from a clinical experience to a human one.

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