Just Diagnosed? Immediate Diet Changes To Help You Live Better

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Katia Herman, Wellness Coach at
JOYSPACE by katia, InKind Space Advisory Board Member


This is a guide to healthy eating after a breast cancer diagnosis, made simple and straightforward. The last thing you need is to feel is overwhelmed about your diet, on top of everything else. The aim is to make small, gradual and sustainable changes in your eating habits and not force yourself to transform overnight. Each person diagnosed may need specific tweaks and additions or subtractions to this guide, but generally this will help you get on a path of cleaner eating.

The main idea is to eat whole foods that the earth offers us –
fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, and whole grains- as much as possible.

Wild fish is also great and animal protein can be included in moderation, and the source of the animals is most important, as I discuss below. Each whole food offers specific vitamins, nutrients and benefits that will strengthen your immune system, bones, brain capacity, and nourish you to help keep your body working optimally, keep at bay other sicknesses, and tolerate your treatment better. 

While you are increasing whole foods in your diet, you should decrease processed foods as much as possible.

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There are variations of how processed a food can be, and the more processed, the worse for your body. Think of a spectrum where fried fast food is at one end of the processed food spectrum and freshly baked spelt bread is at the other end. Both of these foods are technically processed (a food transformed from its original form) but clearly, you want to try to avoid eating the foods at the fried fast food end of the spectrum entirely, while a slice of spelt bread is ok.

Highly processed foods are truly harmful for you. The hydrogenated oils, added sugars, preservatives and additives in these foods increase everyone’s risk of most every disease, including cancer. Furthermore they will not nourish your body to help fight your cancer, and will deplete your body to make it more vulnerable to other diseases.

Also consider decreasing your intake of alcohol to only a glass of wine a few times a week, or at least decreasing your status quo of alcohol if you currently drink more than a minimal amount on a regular basis. 

Be especially careful with added sugar, trans fats (hydrogenated oils), nitrates, too much sodium, preservatives and additives in your diet. These foods will deplete and hurt your body eaten regularly. These are found mainly in processed foods but can sneak into other foods as well so read your ingredient labels!

To sum up the general idea- you are INCREASING your intake of whole foods and DECREASING your consumption of processed foods. The more you can do this, the better your diet becomes. Check out the Healthy Eating Guide I created for InKind Space, here.

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