Spread The Kind

InKind Connects you to a wealth of resources to enable you to find advice and assistance within your local community and beyond. With recommendations and advice from survivors, doctors and experts, research your personal health and wellness questions.


Getting Started

First step is assigning a Rock - the one person who you know is there for the long haul--the duration of treatment, the one person who always has your back.


What Do You Need?

Next, create your lists - anything from arranging transport, walking the dog, creating a play list to cooking dinner. Chose from a wide range of typical tasks and add ones unique to you. Once your calendar is created, you and your Rock can start building your Crew - all the kind family and friends who are waiting to start lending a hand. Your crew will sign up for existing tasks but you can also add last minute needs and send out an all crew email.


You’re covered

While Your Rock and Crew are busy helping and supporting you - you can focus on what matters: your healing, your wellness, and rest.

And, if you have children, they are cared for, too. And so is your partner. And your pets.

Because we know from experience that they need kindness and support, too.